For any type of cargo, to whichever destination, you can count on Air Cargo Consultants to provide best value solutions for all your airfreight requirements. We treat each shipment as a new opportunity to make the difference and set the standard for service excellence.

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About us

With over 75 years of experience, Air Cargo Consultants acts as your neutral and reliable partner in the air cargo industry. Our service and dedication is praised by many customers and airlines because we are honest, we know what we do, we do as we promise.

Our skills and experience vary from clear and friendly communication between customers and suppliers, to airline and forwarding agent activities. From trucking and storage knowledge, to full customs procedures.

Our aim is to stay ahead of the status of each and every shipment, no matter the size. A one kilo shipment is as important as the full charter flight.

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Our policy “A deal is a deal”

The moment we close a deal with you, we stick to that agreement. This counts for our customers but also for airlines we work for and with. Just because we close business as a broker in this way, we have gained priceless trust all over the air cargo industry.

Airlines therefor award us frequently with valuable last minute cargo space. They know that we work pro-active, that we will offer our regular customers immediately the space and that we treat the available space as our mutual interest.

Our power, your benefit

  • Over 75 years of experience
  • All customs specialism in house
  • IATA member
  • Largest broker at Schiphol
  • Access to all major airlines
  • Independent
  • Fair dealing: a deal is a deal
  • Neutral agent